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We specialise in Group Coaching, Transformations and Membership suitable for all

Why We Do What We Do

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At Nick’s Gym, we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to be fit, healthy, strong, able to do every day physical tasks easily and able to do extraordinary physical tasks with just a little effort.

We also believe that everybody should have the help they need to achieve their goals.

Whether that’s physical coaching to learn how to perform exercise and trainer hard to get the physical result they want or that may be coaching on the mental and emotional aspects to be able to support mental health, a fulfilling lifestyle, to be happy and the ability to deal with the issues that life throws at us.

We are here to help, support and offer a service that serves you well.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Coaches and Trainers


We believe strong is beautiful and Coach Daisy is proof!Strong in body and strong in mind makes you the best and most attractive you.Daisy Coaches body, mindset, and lifestyle as a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Personal Trainer to help you overcome all obstacles and make real progress with how you look and feel, problems, issues, limiting beliefs, nutrition, accountability, strength training and bodybuilding.

Weight Training

Use one of our trainers as a personal coach as you begin a journey to get faster, stronger and healthier. Weight Training is suitable for everyone at any kind of fitness level. It is an excellent training program, taking advantage of the body’s natural movements. Don’t hesitate to start today!

Mindset & Life Coaching

Mindset Coaching is about getting and keeping you in the mindset to get things done, train harder and being more consistent

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